“Gold. Iron. Stone.”

The last city of dwarves. The city consists of several rings of stone walkways providing access to buildings that are carved into the stone inside a large mountain. Many ancient tunnels that were once part of the city have been built over and sealed off throughout the centuries, leaving mazes of secret passages throughout the mountain.

Their motto is a reminder of the social hierarchy, nobility are above the guards and the guards are above the common folk. However, it also serves to emphasise that each position is society is vitally important.

The wealthiest and most influential citizens belong to one of the several founding clans. For these dwarves family is the strongest bond. For others with forgotten or unremarkable family histories small communities have taken the place of their ancient clans.

The citizens of the city are usually well-armed. A tradition from the days when the monsters lurking in the depths could pose a significant threat to the city without warning. Formal martial training, however, is uncommon.



A monarch, selected from the pool of descendants of those next in line for the throne by a council of the heads of the founding clans.


8,243; 96% Dwarf, 2% Human, 2% Others


Dwarven is the main language. Most citizens will also speak common quite well.


  • Goibhnui (deity of smiths and healing and celebration) is the primary deity worshiped in the city. He is particularly revered by the smiths, miners, brewers and innkeepers.
  • Daghdha (deity of weather and crops) is worshiped by the mushroom harvesters.
  • Lugh (deity of Arts and trade) is worshiped by many of the merchants.

Notable Inhabitants:

Allarin Silverhall Next in line for the throne
Captain Lufok Stoneback Hard-nosed by the book captain of the guard. Keeps diligent notes on wax tablets
Balkitt Foambeard Proprietor of the Heady Shroom. Tight-lipped but helpful to paying customers
Pogon Goldbeard Owner of A Lush Cheek and skilled alchemist. A notorious eccentric, he has a strong reverence for beards as a sign of dwarven superiority.
Rinlin Drunkshield Head priest at the Bronze Flagon. He’s always jovial and friendly, treating even complete strangers as though they were dear friends.

Scarlet Corona

The upper level of the city, home to wealthiest citizens. Under constant watch of city guards, crime is rare here. The halls carved into the mountain at this level have existed since the formation of the city and display the great wealth that the inhabitants here posses.


  • A Lush Cheek An store that sells fragrances, oils, salves and accessories specifically for dwarven facial hair grooming. The store is run by the skilled alchemist Pogon Goldbeard. The store also sells other alchemical items and ingredients.
  • Crowning Glory A jeweler shop that has been running for generations, owned by the Onyxgut family. The shop’s name comes from it’s history of being the jeweler to the reigning monarch of Tymadarch. It is now being run by Garrad and his three sons Weik, Edlin and Kopp.


  • The Running River A luxury inn that uses a nearby underground stream to provide limited forms of running water. In the common area there is a shallow pool that is used by the guests as a public bath. Guests are always attended to, frequently in person by the owner Filgud Noblebrow
  • The Cold Heart A brewer and tavern owned by a dragonborn couple Hikris and Nasaadi. They use their ability to breathe freezing air to serve ice cold drinks. It is mostly a novelty, but they have made this into somewhat of a spectacle, attracting many patrons who enjoy the display.


  • Peltan The giant formation of red crystals in the peak of the cavern. Sunlight from outside shines through, bathing the entire level and some of the lower levels in a red light.
  • Pillar of Might A column stretching all the way down from Peltan to the city floors, with depictions of each of the rulers of Tymadarch carved into it. As a ruler dies an image depicting his legacy is added.
  • Dawnhall A large hall attached to the side of the palace. It is used to host royal events, important trials and meetings for the Clanheads. Trials held in this hall are judged by the Clanheads.

Copper Circlet

The middle layers of the city. Travellers entering the city through the main gates will emerge on this level, in the middle of a large marketplace. Many shops and services can be found on this level.


  • Copper Bazaar Bazaar near the entrance of the city. General goods can be found as well as some smaller boutique items
  • Orin’s Arsenal The best weaponsmith in the city. Operated by Orin Gemtooth, an elderly dwarf with an intricate knowledge with the work of other smiths in the city.
  • Griffon’s Hide The shop of leatherworker Dirna Swifthammer. She specialises in armours and specialty works. Frequently she will visit the Bazaar in search of exotic leathers to use in her various commissions.
  • Oddities and Ends Trades rare items and curiosities. The shop is almost like a museum, almost any trinket that has a noteworthy history could be sold here. It is run by the seemingly inseparable pair Mondir Sungazer and Pylop Stonefire.
  • The Flaming Mug A family run brewer that has been operating for centuries. Recently the current owner, Bessagar Lavagrog has been struggling to maintain the business operating.
  • Tools and Trinkets A shop that sells a range of specialty tools, many of which have questionable uses, such as lockpicks and disguise kits. Nithtish, the female tiefling owner refuses to acknowledge that the items she sells could be used for illegal purposes.


  • The Bronze Flagon Temple to Goibhniu that also serves as an inn. A great bronze cauldron is in the centre of the Inn, from which a potent alchoholic drink is served. The cauldron has not been emptied in centuries. Revelry is encouraged as a form of worship; the priests who work as the bar staff will always offer to top up a drink. The head priest, Rinlin Drunkshield is almost unnaturally unwavering in his dedication to the celebrations.
  • The Giant’s Coinpurse A quiet and comfortable inn. Although slightly expensive, the friendly atmosphere makes it quite popular with foreign visitors to the city.


  • Oakshaft A large colosseum that hosts many martial and athletic events. It is a popular draw during holidays and celebrations. It also used occasionally in training the city guards.
  • Flinthead The main barracks for the city guards, connected to the far end of Oakshaft. A small gaol is here for holding people before they are to be tried.
  • Gemsmith Hall A large hall used for meetings and small trials. When used for a trial, a judge is appointed by the captain of the guards.

City Floors

The lower levels of the city, home to the miners and mushroom farmers. Several large tunnes on the edges of the city at this floor lead to the caverns used for tending to mushrooms and the entrances to the various mines. The citizens living on the city floors are usually quite poor. Used to having to deal with the dangers of working in mines and tunnels, they are usually slow to call upon the help of the city guards and would rather deal with their own problems.


  • Sophra’s Eatery A tavern that also sells some produce, the single place to get fruits and vegetables on the city floors. The owner Sophra Fireboot is notorious for having an amazingly poor grasp of social cues.
  • Diamond Pick A toolsmith near the entrance to one of the tunnels that lead to a mine. Preson Blackhelm runs the shop.


  • The Heady Mushroom An inn that has a second secret drinking area where it backs onto an ancient tunnel. Common meeting place for criminals, especially out the back. The proprietor, Balkitt Foambeard makes every effort to avoid drawing any official attention to the inn.
  • Quanlock’s Quarters simple affordable inn run by a gnome, Quanlock Elberry who enforces strict rules on the patrons to avoid losing any money. Popular for cheap lodging and a reputation for being a quiet place to drink and sleep.
  • The Parched Well A tavern without lodging that is popular with miners and farmers. It is a lively, constantly bustling place, famous for the different contests of skill and strength held on a weekly basis. The owner, a fairly scrawny dwarf, Angrom Coinfinger is excitable and frequently wagers on the outcomes of the events.


  • The Father’s Garden A small chapel dedicated to Daghdha, lead by Dorrin Thunderspear. A small attached shop sells farming equipment to fund the church. Farmers regularly meet here to discuss techniques and news.
  • Cryptkeep The city dungeons. Inside a the guardhouse a single passage leads down to the cells. The cells are located deep beneath the city floors, the vast majority of which are featureless ten foot by ten foot rooms with low ceilings and a single heavy iron door providing access. Conditions are incredibly poor, many have gone mad waiting for their death here.
  • Countless secret tunnels accessible through hidden doors run throughout the city. The tunnels are popular amongst criminals and those who want their business to remain private. Some of the tunnels leads to rooms and buildings that though once forgotten have been re-purposed by secret groups.
  • Multiple large doors lead to tunnels that lead deep underground. These provide access to passages leading to mines and mushroom farms, however travel can occasionally be dangerous. Workers travelling down these tunnels do so in large armed groups with plenty of light.


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