Mori Khun

A small village located on a mesa in the shrublands South of Negtulaan. There is not much room for agriculture, so in order to raise livestock, most of the men leave each year to lead their herds on long trips through the shrubland.



The village is run by a matriarch called the Tribemother. The title is passed down by the current Tribemother choosing another woman in the village to take her place when she is no longer able to. The current Tribemother is Mandhai Hoofstone.



Notable Inhabitants

Mandhai Hoofstone The leader of the village. She is ultimately responsible for the safety of those in the village, and is very protective. She keeps a close eye on those performing essential jobs, to ensure they are done correctly.
Maina Gaskin The head priestess of the village whose duties include attending to all those in need of medical attention. She dedicates every aspect of her life to Hathor, and has the habit of trying to relate everything to the worship of her god.
Lash Riverrock A female half-orc who took refuge in Mori Khun after fleeing the Riverrock orc tribe. She spends her time going out alone on patrols through the surrounding planes, on a lookout for any potential threats.





Mori Khun

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