A small dwarven town to the North of Tymadarch. Originally founded by a dwarf with a vision of providing his bretheren in Tymadarch with crops in order for them to brew drinks they had previously been unable to taste. He took the name Sungazer, and his blood runs through the veins of almost every member of this town.

The town has got quite an unusual appearance. Though it has the trappings of a rural community, the spread of squat buildings still manages to look distinctly dwarven.



The Sungazer clan has traditionally been the leaders of Gwenith. The Eldest of the clan is given the primary position of leadership. Currently this is Korwin Sungazer.


1,597; 90% Dwarf, 6% Human, 2% Halfling, 2% Other


Daghdha is primarily worshipped throughout the town. There is not a dedicated temple, though there are many shrines built by the citizens in their fields and a large fountain dedicated to him in the town square.

Notable Inhabitants

Korwin Sungazer The current leader of the town. He has become accustomed to being the most respected member of the community, regardless of his behavior and has developed an abrasive personality. Too old to work, he busies himself with the immaculate garden he keeps outside his house.
Gravek Thunderspear A trapper who is very familiar with the surrounding forests. He has taken it upon himself to be the primary protector of the village.



  • Meat and Tools A combination of a butcher’s and general goods store. Parlin Woodfoot, the owner is a man of simplicity.
  • The Sharpened Scythe A blacksmith owned by a human, Deon Glasrow. The smithy was purchased by him from a dwarven smith. Though he is a capable smith many citizens criticise his work for not being done the dwarven way.
  • Mindar’s Buns A bakery owned by the flamboyant Mindar Swifthammer. His many offspring help run the shop, though they usually do so poorly.


  • The Empty Husk A large inn in the centre of the town. There are only a few beds for rent, but the common room is large and often busy. The owner is Fromor Sungazer, a dwarf with a reputation for being a terrible gossip.



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