The wealthiest city in Fergraig, Giltwall is a human settlement established on the ruins of a long-forgotten dwarven fortress. The city has accumulated it’s great wealth from the resources in the surrounding mountains and the booming trade from other lands made possible by the calm waters off the coast. Wealth and impenetrable walls have made Giltwall near impossible to invade.



The city is run by the King, Arsilas. He has absolute power, though he frequently defers to his advisers for council. His main adviser, the Vizier is a high-elf from Yalanku who was promoted to such an influential position as a show of good will between the cities. Most of his other advisers are those who hold large amounts of power in the city, and are therefore mostly merchants.


13,052; 81% Human, 7% Elven, 5% Dwarf, 5% Halfling, 2% Others


Common is universally spoken. Only a very small minority of non-humans do not speak their native tongues. Dwarven and elven are frequently taught as part of the education of wealthier youth, as they had been used to record parts of the city’s history. Other languages are also learnt either from necessity in trade or for novelty.


  • Athena is the patron deity of the city. The city views itself as the pinnacle of civilisation and enlightenment and believes that Athena has poured many blessings upon them.
  • The One That Binds the being worshipped by a small cult in the city. Their teachings to the public focus on unity, and declaring that The One That Binds will bring all creatures together as one. They are well-known for performing charitable works for the poorest of the city.

Notable Inhabitants

King Arsilas The king of Giltwall, he views himself as a heroic leader saving Fergraig by uniting the kingdoms.
Vizier Thaiyen High elf from Yalanku who operates as an adviser to Arsilas.
General Marta General of the Giltwall army. Having served in battles when Giltwall has fought against Negtulaan, she holds military might as a high priority for Giltwall.
Gillian Yesbin Leader of the Bloodied Chest combat school. She demands the best from her students and draws it out of them with harsh training methods.
Artuar Swifthammer A dwarf that leads the Stout Spear combat school. He takes great pride in his having his school at the base of the mountains, claiming that the dwarven foundations of Giltwall are what has made the city great.
Sillin Fieldson Leader of the Dancing Daggers combat school. He believes that guile and skill stands above strength and stubbornness in not just combat, but in all aspects of life.
Grigo Carras Head priest at Athena’s temple. A skilled sculptor, he has carved many of the statues in the temple.
Tansy Mellis Leader of the cult dedicated to The One That Binds. She has an air of tranquillity about her that makes her appear almost otherworldly.
Themba Nhalahla A fortune teller operating in Lownest. She is quite dramatic and somewhat of an eccentric.

Cleave Ridge

The side of the mountains in which the


  • Goldleaf A jeweller operated by an elf, Irebis Tarron. She creates fine pieces of work, but her speciality lies in gilding small objects.


  • The Savory Apple A popular but extremely expensive tavern run by an elf, Orist Folmer. More of an artist than an innkeeper, the meals served here are expertly made and exquisitely presented.
  • The Pleasant Porter A lavish inn overlooking the coast. Lynere Grillit, the owner caters exclusively to what she considers the elite. The inn is mostly visited by wealthy travelers that are visiting the city, and is designed to stroke their egos.


  • The Buried Palace The palace of the King of Giltwall. It is partially built into the entrance to the dwarven fortress that the city was founded on. The primary area of the fortress had been sealed off centuries before the humans settled here, however the hall that formed the entrance is large enough to provide a great deal of space for the palace.
  • Brothers of Trade Hall The merchant guildhouse. Many influential and wealthy citizens of Giltwall are merchants, giving this building the reputation of being where most of the decisions are made that determine the fate of the city, second only to the Buried Palace itself.
  • School of the Stout Spear One of the three combat schools in Giltwall. Traditionally lead by dwarves, it’s currently headed by Artuar Swifthammer. The school specialises in polearms, and encourages a steady, measured fighting style.



  • A Brilliant Hew The shop of esteemed sculptor Magnes Polydectes. His works are renown for their eerie, lifelike appearance.
  • Twisted Glass The gnome Orbar Klein’s glassblower shop. Along with the normal glassware, he creates odd pieces that serve more as curiosities than practical objects.


  • Eye of the Beholder A building made to look like a large, monstrous head of a beholder. The building is monstrous, and stands out against the otherwise usually consistent architecture around it. However, it has become somewhat of an attraction. There are normal rooms for rent in the upper story of the head, as well as a few smaller rooms placed in the eye-storks of the beholder. The owner, Pudrig Ballarin built the head himself after many years of failed experiments to get the structure to stand.
  • The Trusting Ear A small inn operated by the Blackpipe family of halflings. It is frequently visited by the adolescents from the nearby academy.


  • Sovereign Park A menagerie curated by Erik Praline, housing a wide range of creatures and beasts. The park is a pet project by King Arsilas and is funded from the royal coffer. In order to allow a large area, the park had to be built away from the castle. The park is open to the public, serving as a common form of entertainment.
  • Chasm Amphitheater An amphitheater used to hold numerous events for public entertainment. Dramatic performances are sometimes held, though the most popular events are the combats that are held. Large tournaments are conducted at on certain holidays and to celebrate certain events. There are regular smaller fights that include members of the three combat schools either fighting against one another or against deadly beasts.
  • Disciplines Hall A school established for the teaching of the youth of the city. It is privately run, so only those from wealthy families can afford to attend. There are separate classrooms for each subject, but no formal class structure, students come and go between rooms as they please.
  • The Iron Star A pleasurehouse operated by Mistress Calligenia. The Iron Star has a reputation of being able to cater almost any depraved fantasy a patron entertains, for the right price.



  • An Exotic Tongue A shop run by Mellup Gerahall that sells exotic and unique food items. Primarily for the adventurous, he sells some items that many people would find offensive.
  • The Ringing Anvil A blacksmith operated by a dwarf, Blinar Stoneback. He emphasises his dwarven heritage, crafting all his wares to have distinct, angular designs. This is in an attempt to take advantage of the reputation for quality that dwarven smiths have.
  • Pyrite Crown A jeweller that makes high-quality items out of cheap materials. The owner, Sirrah Blackleaf, is a gifted artesian, but she has been unable to gain enough business to produce much work in precious metals. The items she creates are almost indistinguishable from expensive items.


  • Shield of the Goddess A large temple to Athena at the top of a small hill. Outside the temple is a place for discussing various topics, such as philosophy and art. The priests attending to the church are headed by Grigo Carras.
  • Goldlock A tall circular tower that serves as the city prison. The prisoners kept in the small cells are provided with a basic level of comfort. They are given simple food and clothing and all but the worst prisoners are kept in cells that have a window to allow in fresh air and sunlight.
  • School of The Dancing Daggers Another of the three Giltwall combat schools. The focus of the school is on fast, skillful and often theatrical attacks. The school has a reputation for the students getting involved in criminal acts in one for or another. It seems that the leader, Sillin Fieldson only attempts to prevent this by encouraging them to not get caught.
  • Priapus Theatre An open-aired theatre that serves as a common form of entertainment. The shows are particularly popular with the poorer folk in the city.
  • Fortunate Readings The place of business of Themba Nhalahla. She offers fortune telling and other mystical services. She has a reputation of giving readings that are vague at best, though her advice for other arcane matters is usually clear and correct.



  • The Fisherman’s Basket A tavern infamous for being the place where sailors unwind. Fights are common, but the owner Ricklin Dirraw, a halfling, has an understanding with the authorities that any brawl will be resolved within the tavern.
  • To Hull and Back A cheap inn, with few private rooms and a large common room. Primarily visited by sailors unable to afford a room somewhere more comfortable.


  • Shrine of Truth An abandoned boatshed turned into a shrine for the worship of The One That Binds. The building has been strangely decorated, painted a bright purple, a large red star has been paced on a makeshift steeple and the windows have been blocked out with boards painted to look like the night sky.
  • Madam Phixi’s Fascinating Freaks A freakshow run by a gnome, Madam Phixi. Though business is struggling, it continues to be a draw to the sailors on their time on shore.
  • School of the Bloodied Chest The most brutal and savage of the combat schools. The school teaches a style of primal, unarmed combat, focusing on attacking any weakpoint in an opponent. The leader of the school, Gillain Yesbin rose to the position by fighting her way up from the gutter.


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