A small town located in the swamps North of Corra Gahara. As there is very little solid ground in the swamps, the town is constructed of buildings built on stilts and connected by boardwalks. It is an isolated community, but as dealing with the strange dangers that lurk in the swamp is part of their everyday life, they tend to view outsiders as a novelty.



The town has always been lead by a Chief, a title passed down through heritage. The current Regis Merdelou.


674; 98% Human, 2% Other


There is no formal deities worshipped, but most inhabitants reverence for the spirits of nature and of the dead. Voyant, a shaman who lives in isolation outside of the town will occaisionally be called on to perform rituals invoking the spirits.

Notable Inhabitants

Regis Merdelou The chief of Dhiranadi, he is affectionately known as Fatty Regis. Regis has a passion for food and has grown quite obese.
Voyant A reclusive shaman who lives outside of the town. He is called upon to perform rituals for invoking the spirits. He lives as solitary life but he will welcome the occasional visitor. He either has no understanding of, or simply does not care about social graces and will let his visitors know bluntly when they have overstayed their welcome.
Antonio Halfboot A half-elf that works as a man for hire. He is willing to perform almost any job, though he is usually just hired to perform basic repairs or to accompany someone through the swamps. He is overly friendly, and comes across as having ulterior motives.
Leron Lazard A hunter that specialises in bagging dangerous game, particularly crocodiles. He is infamous for taking unnecessary risks during a hunt. He will frequently bring his children with him, much to the horror of many of the citizens.



  • The Butcher A butcher shop operated by Cerville Bowleg. He sells whatever meat is available, with no regard for the moral implications. He has almost been chased out of town for previously selling the flesh of the lizardfolk who dwell in the swamp.
  • Skins and Things Leron Lazard’s place of business. After selling the meat of the animals he kills to The Butcher, he cures the hides and makes tools out of the remains. Other general goods are available here too.


The Still An inn that serves as the main meeting place for the people of the town. The inn owner, Linolle Serfroot brews her own incredibly strong clear liquor. Other alcohols are served, but they are rarely purchased.


  • Voyant’s Hut The small hut about half a days’ travel outside of town where Voyant lives. It is hidden well, buried deep inside a thicket of mangroves.


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