Cora Gahara

Cora Gahara is a city located at the edge of a dense forest, near the foot of a series of large mountains. Notorious for rampant crime, several gangs hold the majority of power in the city. The governing forces entire efforts are spent attempting to mitigate the damage that the criminals deal to the city.

The inhabitants of the city have grown accustomed to the harsh rule of the gangs. Many accept their rule and try to keep out of their notice. Some others see joining the gangs as a legitimate means of improving their station in life.



Emperor Alkashi is the official ruler of the city. However his power is undermined by various gangs that control the city streets. The primary gangs are The Sapphire Scarab, the Closed Eye and The Browntails


12,497 85% Human, 6% Elf, 4% Halfling, 3% Dwarf, 1% Half-Orc, 1% Other


Notable NPCs

Emperor Alkashi The ruler of the city. Struggling to maintain his position as the official ruler
Commander Utman Yuzbasi The leader of the military forces in the city. His sole focus is minimising the impact that organise crime has
Halise Bayar Head of the temple of Hathor, House of the Sun. She has been doing everything in her power to stop the damage that crime has been doing to the people in Cora Gahara.

Notable Groups

The Sapphire Scarab
The Closed Eye A recent arrival to Cora Gahara, little is known about the origins of the Closed Eye. The gang has a reputation for being cruel and violent. They deal in slavery of primitive humanoids such as orcs, though it is rumoured that they will also take members of civilised races as slaves as well.
The Browntails A gang native to Cora Gahara. Though they only control small pockets of the city above ground, they are masters of the sewers that run throughout the city. With their ability to cross the city undetected they specialise in thievery and smuggling.


Greengate is the area surrounding the main entrance to the city. It is filled with various shops, and as such a few city guards will patrol here. The shops are frequently used as fronts for criminal operations and those that aren’t are usually paying protection to one of the gangs.


  • Pickett’s Pocket A store owned by a halfling named Pickett. The store sells a wide range of expensive items. Many missing objects have eventually wound up on one of Pickett’s shelves.
  • The Tasteful Tincture An apothecary run by Zarrin, an elf. The shelves stock a wide variety of exotic ingredients, a small number of which are known to only have nefarious uses.


  • The slippery Noose An inn near the entrance to the city along the main road, popular for travellers who would prefer to risk venturing down side streets searching for a different place to stay. Though the prices at the inn are quite high, many are willing to pay the price for their peace of mind.


The area surrounding the Alkashi’s palace. The richest citizens live here, including the many criminals that prefer to keep themselves in wealthy company.


  • The Silver Shackle Zakish Momed’s place of business for his trade of selling slaves. The orcs and goblinoids make up the bulk of the slaves being sold here. Rarer humanoids are also traded, usually as novelties for the particularly wealthy.


  • The Green River A river that flows from the mountains through the entire city
  • The Marble Palace Alkashi’s palace, built at the point where the Green River enters the city. Made of brilliant white stone, it is in stark contrast to the scenes of poverty at the other end of the river.

Twin Crossing

The area spreading from the mountains to the Green River. It is named for the two large bridges crossing the river that lead into this area.


  • Blackhammer Forge A smith operated by a dwarf, Linar Blackhammer. While her regular smith work is fine, she is known for the intricate specialised work she does, often incorporating complex mechanical components into the items.


  • The Smoking Barrel An inn that specialises in selling various narcotics. The common area of the inn is usually filled with patrons lounging around in clouds of smoke.


  • Silkpurse A popular brothel run by a gnome who goes by the name of Silky Spinry.
  • House of the Sun A temple dedicated to the worship of Hathor. Several members of the clergy dedicate their time to helping those whose lives have been impacted by the crime in the city.
  • The mountains towards the back of Twin Crossing are not walled off from the city. Though the climb it steep, they allow access to the city by avoiding the main gates.
  • Several caves run into the sides of the mountains. They are used as hiding places by some, but many of the caves feature dangerous animals.

River’s End

The poorest part of the city, River’s End is the are surrounding the exit of the Green River from the city.


  • Riverbed A run-down tavern near the city wall. It is run by a dwarf named Pottim. Only poor quality food and drink is served, a mug of watery beer and a loaf of stale bread is the usual dinner eaten here. There are no individual rooms for sleeping, those lodging here all sleep in the large common room.


  • Grimtooth A fighting arena that has been established in an abandoned tavern. The purses for the fights are usually quite small, but the brawls are vicious and often deadly. Many of the fighters hope to win just enough to get by in a difficult time, though there are a few that are skilled enough to earn a living here.
  • All the sewers in the city empty into the Green River. At river’s end, the water has collected waste from the whole city, making highly dangerous.

Cora Gahara

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