Baumtoter's Outpost

Military run Giltwall settlement near Ukfantaba. Is being used as a base of operations to bring Ukfantaba into Gitwalls alliance.



Military leader appointed by Giltwall.


90% human, 4% Dwarf, 3% High Elf, 1% Wood elf, 2% Other


Common and most citizens have a basic understanding of Elven


  • A single chapel in service of Athena is attended by an elderly priest. As the mission of the outpost is to ultimately extend the protection of Giltwall, Athena is traditionally worshipped by the inhabitants.

Notable Inhabitants:

Captain Harravin Shortfist Current leader of the outpost. Believes earnestly in bringing Ukfantaba into Guiltwall’s empire.
Krum Highknot A half-orc who is the lone survivor after a group of mercenaries attacked his orc tribe. He now makes his way working as a sellsword, currently hired as a ranger to protect the outpost against potential threats.
Ortimer Nihik Elderly priest attending the small chapel. Takes a genuine interest in Ukfantaba.

Baumtoter's Outpost

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