Sealing of Fergraig

Teachings of Patience by Kobolds

Don Jon, Garrock and Seven the Hammer decided to push on down the kobold lair. Following the corridor at the far end of the room down until they heard the panicked yelps of kobolds in distress. Lightly inching forward in silence they saw that the corridor opened up into a large chamber that was clearly being used as the main living quarters of the kobold lair. Many unarmed kobolds were scurrying about the room, grabbing wyrmlings to find shelter in the primitive nests constructed from rubble and splintered wood. These shanties covered the walls to either side of the exit from the corridor and along a walkway on the second story.

The chamber was lit by just two campfires, so Don Jon, still in the form of a giant spider, attempted to sneak into the chamber by keeping to the shadows left from these fires. However he was quickly seen and the remaining of the panicked kobolds fled into their shanties. As his presence was detected Don Jon lowered himself to the floor while Garrock and Seven decided to stand their ground in the corridor. A number of winged kobolds and an unusually large kobold did not flee, but instead were readying for battle.

The four winged kobolds immediately attacked Don Jon, dropping large rocks onto the spider. The damage from this initial attack was enough to force him to revert to his dwarven form. However, Garrock cast a sleep spell on the airborne Kobolds, making them fall from their flight and land with enough force to bring the majority of them close to death. Seven took the opportunity to plunge the chamber into total darkness by extinguishing the burning fires. However, he and Garrock were soon in peril as another two kobolds emerged from the shanties and advanced on them. These kobolds were wearing a single distinctly dwarven chain shirt between the two of them, split in half down the middle and sewn back up again using sinew thread.

kobold_character_by_butterfrog.jpgDon Jon attempted to flee from the surrounding kobolds, but soon found himself cornered by several of the winged kobolds. Meanwhile Seven and Garrock were preoccupied by the chain wearing kobolds advancing on them and gaining the upper hand. The cornered Don Jon was swiftly overcome by the kobolds, barely holding onto life. Seven fell shortly after this, leaving Garrock to attempt to flee. He managed to make his way back through the room with the large pit, and by laying down a sheet of ice behind him defeated one of his pursuers who fell into the pit. However the world around him was soon plunged into darkness as the large kobold gained on him.



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