Sealing of Fergraig


ankheg.jpgThe party continued down the path to a chamber that appears to have been used as a guardhouse. There was an open heavy iron barred door which would have been used to block entry into the chamber from their direction. Inside the chamber there were several piles of rubble where the roof had collapsed in, as well as the obvious signs of a large creature that had tunneled into the room. On the opposite side of the wall was another large door similar to the one they had come through, though the passage beyond it had collapsed in on itself. The was a smaller door in the room which appeared to lead to a room used for eating and sleeping. One wall of the chamber had collapsed, opening an entrance to a naturally formed tunnel. Once the party had entered the room a large insectoid creature burst from the floor, causing more debris to fall from the roof. Though it appeared menacing the creature lone proved to be little hassle and was soon torn apart by Don Jon in his bear form.

The party decided to investigate the other room. The room contained several stone beds, a large stone carved bench and a number of decaying wooden barrels from a time centuries past. There was the evidence that the missing miners had once used this room to rest; there were several packs and bedrolls strewn about the floor. Though there appeared to be a struggle, there was no obvious evidence of where the miners had gone after being here, so the party decided to follow the cave system down through the guardroom.

kuotoa.jpgAfter a fairly long treck down a wide passage the party began to hear the unmistakable sounds of battle, though intermixed with these sounds was a distinct yipping and an otherworldly gurgle. Approaching cautiously, the party was able to see the end of a fight between a handful of kobolds and strange humanoid fish creatures. The kobolds had all been slain by the time the party arrived, and only a few of the fish creatures remained standing. After observing the creatures for a short while, Don Jon cautiously began approaching. The fish creatures were immediately hostile, and a fight broke out. The creatures were overwhelmed quite quickly, though one had almost managed to start drowning Apollo.

Deciding to get some rest and regain their strength before continuing on, the party headed back into the barracks near the guardroom. Still cautious about what took the miners, the party decided to sleep in shifts. During his shift Garrok began to hear the distinctive sound of stone grinding on stone. As he looked for the source, he began to see the barrels along the far wall shift. He quickly awoke the rest of the party just in time for them to be prepared for the band of kobolds that were emerging from a hidden passage. Acting quickly, Don Jon cast a spell turning the ground around the tunnel into hazardous spikes. With a volley of spells and arrows the party beat the kobolds back and took up the pursuit.

The secret passage which was clearly of kobold construction led them to another chamber that had once long ago housed dwarves. The centre of the room had been dug out and filled with shards of flint and stone spikes. A small 5 foot passage was on either side of the pit allowing access, but there were sections where it had collapsed into the pit. On the far end of the pit were the remainder of the kobolds they had just fought as well as two new ones, manning heavy crossbows mounted to a crude short wall. Don Jon took to the ceiling as Garrok and Apollo held back casting spells and loosing arrows at the kobolds. Unable to follow through with their initial plan of forcing the party into the spiked pit the kobolds were soon defeated.



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