Rinlin Drunkshield

Head priest at the Bronze Flagon


Rinlin is the head priest at the Bronze Flagon. The bastard son of a seamstress, Rinlin spent his childhood helping out at the Bronze Flagon doing minor chores to earn small amounts of money to help his family out. Having never known his father, the priests at the temple filled the role, mentoring him and telling him stories of Goibhnui’s exploits. He joined the priesthood as soon as he could, and with his passion for hospitality and celebration throughout life he eventually found himself to be the head priest.

All through his life he’s been able to laugh off his own misfortune and deals with ill fate with a laugh. This has worked well for him, but when he encourages others to do so in his pastoral duties, he sometimes comes off as either cold or deranged. He is renown for being indefatigable in his revelry and though he is often viewed as unhinged, he still manages to fully perform his duties.

Rinlin Drunkshield

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