Balkitt Foambeard

Innkeeper of the Heady Mushroom


Balkitt Foambeard is the owner of the Heady Mushroom. He inherited the inn from his grandfather, Jorkitt, first of the Foambeards. He continues the family tradition of providing the citizens of the city a haven away from the law at a fair price. He is helped by his niece, Maudin. Despite operating on the edges of the law, he ensures that he himself never breaks any laws, and strives to keep his business out of the eye of the city guard as much as possible.

Balkitt is very much distrusting of strangers and new customers, constantly cautious of under cover guards or potentially troublesome criminals. Once he gets to know a customer, however, he will be friendly and accommodating. He has built his reputation on being trustworthy and discrete, and would stake his life on his reputation.

Balkitt Foambeard

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