Pogon Goldbeard

Dwarven alchemist with a passion for facial hair


Pogon Goldbeard is a skilled alchemist and owner of the shop A Lush Cheek. He has an obsessive passion for facial hair, and strongly believes it’s the duty of every dwarf to their race to grow the most amount of facial hair they possibly can. This obsession started as he was a young boy. He was raised by his father alone, a brewmaster with a thick, jet black beard. His father would jokingly say that when he was a man with a beard of his own he would be worthy to run the brewery. Tragically, his father was killed by a shelf of barrels collapsing on him, and Pogon was left to fend for himself. Still young and smooth-cheeked, he felt woefully inadequate for the task and spent his free time pouring over books and experimenting with old wive’s tales of ways to encourage healthy facial hair.

He eventually succeeded, through the natural progression of time or by his own work is unknown. In his experimentation he had also gained vast knowledge into the art of alchemy. He sold the brewery in order to start up his shop and promote the noble task of beardsmanship to his people. It was at this point that he abandoned his family name of Flamegut and took the name Goldbeard.

Pogon Goldbeard

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