Sealing of Fergraig

The One That Almost Got Away

The party did not have much time to prepare before the thugs downstairs were upon them. Garrock ran over into the kitchen, to discover a muffled yell coming from a barrel. Opening it, he found Seven The Hammer, a dwarf in the garb of a cleric of Goibhnui had been kept trapped inside, sitting in a pool of low quality liquor. He helped the dwarf scramble out. Meanwhile, Apollo and Riser dragged the tables in the larger area of the chamber next to the fire pit in order to create an improvised barricade. Don Jon transformed himself into a giant spider, to lay in wait over the stairwell in order to attack the thugs as they rushed into the room.

The party’s plan went over well. Garrock and Seven lobbed a volley of spells at the thugs at they ran up the stairs. Riser, meanwhile, managed to lure them over by taunting them with the decapitated head of one of their leaders. The thugs that made it past the volley were taken out by Don, Riser and Apollo, with liberal use of the firepit to their advantage.

Quickly overwhelmed, the kobolds and one remaining dwarf beat a hasty retreat. But, before they could gather their wits, the door at the back of the chamber opened, as another dwarf poked his head out. Yelling out a curse, he shut it the door and barred it, shouting “They’re here! Burn it all!”. Rushing over, Riser quickly started hacking away at the door and within a minute he was able to remove the bar and open the doors. The passage led up a small staircase to a large, round domed room. At the far end was the boss Gaeda, frantically trying to burn various papers in a brazier on her desk. A drow stood nearby, keeping a lookout for her. Entry to the room was blocked by the dwarf who had looked through the door, and another thug.

Watchspider__1_.jpgActing quickly, Seven cast a spell drenching the fire in water. The party attempted to coerce a confession out of Gaeda, but she refused to acknowledge anything, believing the party to be part of the city guard. Don Jon still in his spider form took the opportunity to scurry across the roof over the heads of the thugs blocking the stairway. The situation then quickly escalated into a combat. The dwarves blocking the way were quickly taken down by the party as they raced up the stairs, but the melee left Riser seriously injured. Meanwhile Don Jon trapped Gaeda using a web, preventing her from being able to move. The drow tried to defend his boss, but soon fell to the party as well.

The situation was looking grim for the gang leader, but she finally managed to break free of the web binding her, and attempted to make an escape. Through a series of fumbled attacks, she against all odds made it to a door at the side of the chamber and was on her way out. However, Don Jon decisively transformed himself into a lion, and leaping at narrow the doorway, was just able to swipe at her as he collided with the door frame, knocking her unconscious.

Her body was dragged back into the room. A safe behind her desk was unlocked, and inside was found 100 gold pieces of Negtulaan origin. Similarly, among all the financial records of their criminal operations that were being burnt, a contract for the assassination of Ullagrim was found, written in Negtulaani script.



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