Sealing of Fergraig

A nice warm bed

After collecting any seemingly useful information left in the office, the party bound the unconscious Gaeda. Investigating the door that Gaeda had attempted to escape through, Apollo found what appeared to be a beholder floating motionless and almost lifeless in a storage room. The room was filled with crates and barrels of various fungi, many of which had been knocked over. As he attempted to investigate further, a small moving mushroom began attacking him with whip-like tendrils. He decisively retreated back to Gaeda’s office, locking the door behind him.

Gaeda’s second interrogation begun Seven shook her awake. Again, Gaeda refused to reveal any information. Having mistaken the group as part of the city guard she claimed that they wouldn’t have to stomach to do anything that would come close to the punishment she would receive from betraying her gang. Don Jon resorted to violent torture, still to no avail, killing Gaeda in the process.

The party made their way back towards the Heady Mushroom, finding that the remaining Kobolds and guard dwarf had abandoned their hideout. Along the way, Seven was able to identify the second key found on the assassin as belonging to a room in The Giant’s Coinpurse, a quite inn that is the main competitor of the Bronze Flagon. Having decided that this was a matter of urgency, the group investigated the room.

The old woman who ran the inn was helpful and quickly revealed that the patron who was renting the room had been there for almost two weeks and still had a few days paid for. Within the room the smell of stale blood hung in the air. The real Gavol Goldring, a dwarf that bore a passing resemblance with the assassin was found stuffed in a chest at the end of the bed with a dagger left embedded in his back. There was not much sign of a robbery; a small amount of valuables were left next to the bed, along with a book titled A Song of Liquor and Stone and his journal. Though the journal was written in shorthand, it could be deciphered that Gavol was an antiques dealer who had been invited to the dinner as thanks for work he had done in investigating lost dwarven history. It also seemed that he had a companion he had met in the city, referred to only as “V.” and attempted to meet with the foreman of Bloodgem mine to discuss some recently found ruins.

To retire for the night, Garrock decided to return to the room he had purchased from the Heady Mushroom. Seven and Don Jon took to the Bronze Flagon and Riser and Apollo decided to stay in the room of the Giant’s Coinpurse with Gavol to keep watch, Apollo taking the first shift. During Riser’s watch in the middle of the night he woke Apollo to alert him of three kobolds that had approached the inn. They were making every attempt to be discrete, though their form and voices were unmistakable. After a small amount of bickering, they suddenly through a flaming vial at the window of the second story room. The vial flew past the axe Riser had thrown to intercept it, and smashed against the headboard of the bed, setting it alight. Apollo decided to leap out the window down to the kobolds. He stumbled on the landing, giving them time to flee. However, being fast on his feet, he quickly managed to chase down one of them and subdue him. Riser eventually made his way to where Apollo was grappling with the beast and helped bind it.



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