Sealing of Fergraig

A half-remembered dream

Riser and Apollo took their kobold captive aside and began the process of interrogating it. By force they got the location of the kobold’s hideout and quickly ended his suffering. The duo ended the night by finding a bed that was a little less ablaze.

Medieval_pilgrim-badge_of_St_John.jpgIn the morning the party regrouped and headed over to Allarin’s palace to report on their findings. They met again with Captain Stoneback. They informed him of the Sapphire Scarabs’ secret hideout they had found, and that Goldring had also been asking around the lower levels about the Bloodgem mine. Impressed by the work the group had been doing, Stoneback offered to make them honorary members of the City Guard, a position that would allow them certain powers when investigating possible crimes. Seven was not entirely trusting of this gift and managed to get a special badge to specifically give them almost free reign in the city.

After their business with Stoneback was concluded the party ventured down to the lower levels to speak to the foreman of Bloodgem mine. He told them that Goldring had come to see him several times, asking about some ruins that had recently been uncovered. Though mining into long abandoned areas of Tymadarch was somewhat rare, the ruins were usually of little interest as the former inhabitants would usually take anything of real value when they abandoned the chambers. However, five miners had recently gone missing during a venture into the ruins.

Knowing that there was something of interest in the old tunnels at the bottom of Bloodgem mine, the party ventured down for several hours. They eventually reached the area where the mine met up with the ruins and ventured in through a small cave. Within this cave they were attacked by a swarm of stirges. They quickly fought off the parasites and attempted to continue down a passage of the ruins themselves when they encountered a gelatinous cube. Another short fight and they were to continue on their way.



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